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Find any workplace location and
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Easy to Use

View real-time conference room availability and book via your native calendar. So intuitive, you already know how to use it!

To the Point

Search or browse all locations, and sort by room availability, distance, name or size.


Select from multiple corporate campuses and quickly flip between floors with an interactive multi-story map.

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Map conference rooms, cafeterias, lobbies, even ATMs, fitness centers, shuttle stops and more.


Zoom the intelligent map interface to view more detail, preventing visual overcrowding of map locations.


Since all data (and metadata) is synchronized to the app, ExactMeeting performs just as well offline!

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Takes care of you

Icons visually indicate conference room capacity and clearly display what’s available in each conference room: TV, projector, video conference, etc. Which means you can always book the right room that’s available when you need it.

Best part is, with the ExactMeeting app your service desk is just a single tap away. Instantly call for assistance without even leaving the app.

Keeps you On-Time

Along with intuitive icons to easily distinguish one type of location from another on the map, each location screen provides valuable information including: hours of operation, entrance requirements (e.g. employee ID), directions, plus conference room and video-conference phone numbers.

And when you get to your destination, a large-format photo visually confirms you’ve come to the right place.

knows your history

Since you’ll most likely be visiting places more than once, your recent location-history is automatically saved for even quicker access. Or bookmark locations you know you’ll be visiting often!

In addition, the app’s search gets you where you’re going even faster by displaying results as soon as you start typing!

has an intuitive backend

The modern and intuitive admin enables administrators to easily enter conference room and location data.

ExactMeeting Admin Console




With over 70 buildings in their Michigan campus, it can be a challenge for employees to find their meetings. Add to this the fact that many of the conference rooms change names every few years and you’ve got a sure-fire recipe for mass-scale confusion.

But Amway needed a lot more than just an indoor/outdoor mapping app. Thankfully, ExactMeeting isn’t just for going places. It enabled employees to view room schedules, create meeting requests and book conference rooms faster than ever before. Resulting in massive time savings, productivity and a better employee experience.



BMO Financial Group found many employees were disoriented by their tall office buildings, frequently confusing one floor with another. To complicate matters, employees were often required to work at multiple campus locations — traveling from Toronto to Scarborough (and vice versa), yet there was little in the way of a campus map to guide their way once they arrived.

With ExactMeeting, BMO employees were able to view conference room and services on a multi-floor map, and easily switch between campus locations. This greatly increased efficiency in day to day work schedules helping employees to be in the right place at the right time.


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